Natural Soaps

After you have felt the magical powers of our treatments you can finish your SPA journey at home. BeautyMed SPA health and beauty center offers you natural SPA products for your everyday life. They include face home spa products, body products, sunscreens, natural handmade soaps, bath products and etc.

BeautyMed SPA offers natural high quality soaps “Republic of Soap” – made by hand in the heart of the spa products nature – the island of Bali. Our soaps are made by hand in small batches, with love in every bar! Part professionalism, part patience and dedication, the range of soaps uses only the purest that nature has to offer – which yields a product free from petroleum additives, fillers, animal byproducts and artificial colours and scents. The Republic of Soap’s mission is to maintain the highest standards while keeping the prices normal to offer Bali’s best soap within the reach of us all.

The “Republic of Soap” products are made with pure essential oils and other plant derived raw materials and that’s why the soaps have positive and healing properties. By employing a “cold process” of manufacture, the natural goodness of these raw materials are retained, resulting in a pure, long lasting bar of soap. All products are made from 100% virgin coconut oil and that gives the soap it’s decadently rich natural lather. All “Republic of Soap” cold process soaps must cure for a full month before use and selling and it is – like all good things – well worth the wait.

We invite you to enjoy and benefit from our exquisite high quality hand made products – Republic of Soap.

* All products are made of high quality natural ingredients for the renewal and well-being of the body and soul.
** Our specialists will advise you on the product line or the specific product you have chosen which will best suit your needs.

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